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The Music of Season of the Siren is composed, performed and written by Goddess Posh.

Creating music that is meant to draw your emotions out, and allow my will in, feels like the most natural way to entice and manipulate you into falling under MY spell. My music is perfect for conditioning your brain. You can't help but to hear my singing voice all day long after experiencing one of my films. It will loop through your head all day long, and the lyrics alone will inspire you into action for me. How compelling to be able to trasnfer my will into your boy brain, and all with a little CLEVER music magic!

The Soundtrack for each film will be available for purchase, complete your mindwash experience by listening to the audio anytime. Especially helpful for listening to MY voice, which you will find you quite need, discreetly. Load me onto your phone and you will have the SOUNDTRACK of the SIREN films to keep your mind focused where it needs to be and POSHATIZED at all times!

I'll be releasing more information about the lovely hypnotic music and when you can purchase it soon!