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The Season of the Siren series is a collection of 12 hour long hypnotic films and 12 twenty minute Mindwash Mix companion clips.

Season of the Siren Previews Playlist:

My very indoctrinated puppets receive exclusive access to the full hour films, however any of you Posh obsessed and addicted boys can purchase the 20 minute Mindwash Mix companion clips on iWantGoddessPosh and Clips4Sale !!!

I will be releasing each hour long film to the public for purchase in July 2016!!!! If you'd like to access them now become a VIP or approach with a very generous offer.

The Siren is calling, and you can't help but to hear my voice and respond with desire. You feel the whip of my silk tones against your resolve, forcing you to kneel into submission and face the crashing waves. You feel the seduction of my Venus Sway brainwash, coaxing you into a relaxed state, making you feel so at ease even as the danger looms ahead.. .yes, you can feel it and you feel compelled to respond. You want to be pulled under my spell and left paralyzed in weakness by my overwhelming power. This is the personal journey you have been seeking, this is what you need.

Enter into the Season of the Siren, a twelve month journey of financial and mental enslavement to Me, your seductive mindwash minx. Let your mind drift into a dream filled slumber as you listen to the silky tones of my Goddess voice. My Siren Songs will lure you to the edge, where you will be faced with your own end -- but an end you can't deny yourself, for my beauty is too consuming, my voice too compelling, to ever be able to resist. Instead, you come back time and again to your favorite place, kneeling at the mercy of your Siren, begging to remain my addicted slave no matter how close to drowning I take you.

The Siren Songs I use to lure you in with my magical, golden voice will deliciously repeat all day long... you won't be able to stop my voice from looping in and out of your mind as if it has a will of it's own! You will constantly be in a state of being BRAINWASHED to the will of the SIREN. My songs are so catchy, so beautiful, it doesn't matter what the words are only that they are constantly there, so alluring, so enticing, so consuming... you can't stop the Siren from singing her songs, and you can't stop the songs from pulling you into the crashing waves.

Each month, you will face the temptation of the Sirens call with a FULL HOUR FILM featuring MY golden Goddess voice, SINGING the hypnotic, mind melting, Siren Songs. To accompany these VIP exclusive films will be the 20 minute Mindwash Mix companion clips. These companion clips are perfect to watch solo (if you're not yet VIP ) or as a primer to the full length films.

Season of the Siren film themes: financial domination, breast worship, goddess worship, femme fatale, mind control, brainwash, chastity, triggers, trance, sleepy brain, sensual domination, female domination, Goddess Posh, Siren, mindfuck, male surrender, male slavery



March 2016- Erotic Fusion


The 20 minute mindwash mix is going to melt your mind into a puddle and send your body into helpless abandon as you are wired to receive and give pleasure in only ONE WAY ... the erotic fusion of my will and your mind/body feels so good, and my sensual slaughter of your defenses makes it all the more enjoyable to be taken down for me... hypnotic visuals, sexy imagery and trance music, will all elevate your mind in a way like before.

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 11.00.56 AMScreen Shot 2016-03-24 at 3.57.51 PM

Goddess has taken hold of your mind and is now showing you that there is no longer a barrier between us, for my will has become one with your soul. Now we are fused together, the feeling of my power in your body is so erotic. The more money you spend the more erotic pleasure I feel, your actions are a direct result of my programming, and now my pleasure is a result of your actions. We are in an erotic fusion, and the only thing that you need to make you feel good is to SPEND more, OBEY more, GIVE more. There is a fusion between MY will and your actions, that feels so erotic, so delicious.

February 2016- Ultra Luxe Seduction en Harmony

To be seduced by me is a luxury you can't afford to miss! While there is danger as you are taken by the sexy and ELEGANT SIREN into a helpless trance, it is the only way for your soul to find harmony! In SERVING ME! Mindfucked and brainwashed by my beauty and power you are forever a captive of my ULTRA LUXE SEDUCTION! My perfectly POSH poise, and my superiority, ooze from the screen and your will, smothering out all resistance, and turning you into a MINDLESS drone! Listen with your headphones on and the lights dimmed! The price will go up in a month!


January 2016-  Tantric EnCHANTments 

Chant along with me my helpless pet, you need to hear every word from my beautiful lips and feel it slip deep into your weakened soul. I know you want to mindlessly bob your head up and down, nodding along to everything I say without any thought at all. Just agreeing because you're so enchanted by my tantric sounds, my tantric movements, my sexual, and sensual DOMINATION over you! Kneel for me and respect I am your SUPERIOR, an elite financial DOMME and am allowing you to serve me.



November 2015- Honey Sweet Codeine Beats

  Can you handle this POSHY treat? My curvy body is a sensual wonder that makes your silly boy brain all loopy and weak for me, oh and then you can't do anything about those codeine beats which make your brain feel so sleeeeeeeepy... and oh how honey sweet my voice is as it calmly serenades you into being my captivated puppet.


October 2015- Destruction in the Key of Seduction

Goddess Posh is a siren of SEDUCTION with only your financial, emotional and mental destruction in mind. The siren has helped you to achieve great depths of addiction and weakness already, but now you will be taken deeper than ever before.
Featuring three original Siren songs, Puddle Brain Puppet, Delicious Defeat and Love Trance
With binaural beats included in this file you will need to use HEADPHONES and understand you are being exposed to subliminal messages that will alter the way you THINK!

Breast worship, Lipstick Fetish, Blonde, Red Lips

September 2015- Pay your Sins Away/Tones of Atonement

Become bedazzled by my sparkling dress and blonde beauty in the next film in the Season of the Siren series. As a Financial Domination Goddess of course I am going to help you find salvation for your sinning soul through your wallet. It’s okay to fail and fall, but you will make up for those sins by paying them all away. In my glorious magnificent superior presence you are forced to face your own inferiority and weakness. Uncover your secrets and your sins so you may be washed clean and made better for Me! My glamorous beauty and sweet satin voice are the trap you’ve been longing for.

Season of the Siren Pay your Sins Away
with 3 original songs:
Bedazzling Beauty
Tones of Atonement
Redemption through Riches


August 2015- Mindfuck Melodies


Enslaved for Life
my powerful hold over you can’t be broken
you’re trapped in my grasp
these hands that hold you
while warm and like silk
they squeeze the breath from you
and still you
gaze at me from your humble knees
with love and adoration
those chains keep you in place
locked under my spell
enslaved for life

Featuring 3 original Siren songs of Goddess Posh:

En$laved for Life
Mindfuck Addiction
Get Down and Worship Me

July 2015- Lullaby in Lust


Be swept deep under when you hear my Slumber Mind siren song filtering in so beautifully past your defenses, and while your mind is drifting off and away your body is filled with lust for my feminine power, and beauty, leaving you tortured in an aroused state while your mind is increasingly locked down further and further for me ... taken over by my lullaby! All of my lullabies make your brain go bye bye and you're filled with all kinds of triggers, and now those triggers are associated with the pleasure and torment of LUST that can't be quenched ... you're trapped in a helpless body, with a helpless mind, and all for me!

The 3 original Songs on this film:
Slumber Mind
Captive Soul
My Eyes Lobotomize

JUNE 2015- Serenade Haze

My Serenade Haze leaves you in a daze for days in a daze for days.