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The Season of the Siren films are produced and created by Goddess Posh.

I've always been a creative person that defied gender roles. As a child it didn't make sense to me why the man 'had to be in charge' and the woman 'had to listen.' I envisioned myself growing up to be more than that, to live life greater than that, to push past the boundaries and limits women are prescribed to. Becoming the SIREN as a result of my constant evolution in womanhood has not been a surprise. From the Goddess that is worshiped and dominates the wallets of weak men, to the singing beauty that uses her words to ensnare and enslave the inferior sex, I was always meant to be the one in control. Which is why I am so drawn to hypnosis and mind control, I love to express my feminine divinity while leashing up the male species and guiding them where they need to be. Under me, weak and helpless for me, in awe and worship.

I've been a Financial Domme for many years now, and enjoy the luxury that affords me to be able to create as I want. I have the freedom to express myself in whichever way I choose as my stable of slaves will always react to whatever I do with nothing but love. They enjoy seeing me taking on life without any fear or conformity, grabbing what I want, and making things happen how I plan them to. They enjoy seeing the power I exude and I enjoy knowing that I have taken these males into MY slave harem.

Season of the Siren came to me as an idea when I wanted to try something I had never done before. I wanted to make something intense, and epic. Something which was completely beyond the standard FEMDOM and hypnosis films, so that it was a unique and unusual journey to be taken on. Thanks to the life I have created for myself I am able to explore many different creative interests, even beyond these films (photography for instance). The Season of the Siren films allow me to play with music, editing, writing, ASMR visuals and effects, hypnosis, mind control, Goddess Worship, Financial Domination, and last but not least MALE ENSLAVEMENT.

Curious to know more? Of course you are.