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Submerge your body and mind into this one of a kind Femme Fatale Hypnosis film series, Season of the Siren. With each film you will become more and more TAKEN with the SIREN! Allow yourself to experience the rush of lust, love, obsession, and addiction, that the ASMR film evokes, as you are hypnotized by the Seductive and Powerful Goddess Posh, and brought into a mindless trance with every sensual movement, every captivating whisper, every enchanting, haunting, SONG of the SIREN. Become TAKEN by Goddess Posh and the journey will stay with you forever.

Each of the 12 films have been designed to be much more than just a viewing experience, as your body and mind will experience true physical reactions and changes to the programming of the SIREN. Watch with caution, as you will be immersed into an experience that is so intense you will not be able to escape the chains that wrap around you. Even when not viewing the beautiful voice that took you so deep into a trance will continue to play on loop in your weakened mind, ensuring you are forever a captive of THE VENUS SWAY. Forever TAKEN with Goddess Posh, the SIREN, you will kneel at HER feet enslaved for life.

To enjoy the Season of the Siren Femme Fatale hypnosis film series, you will need to be 18+.